All employers have a legal duty to employees to ensure suitable and sufficient instruction, information and training.

As healthcare waste industry experts, Verdis can deliver generic or very specific waste management training suited to your local needs. Having worked in the NHS and independently with NHS clients for over 25 years, we are very aware of the strategic responsibilities placed on healthcare estates and facilities managers to reduce costs in all aspects of the organisation. Managing waste is a key part of the process and our training options (below) reflect the key aspects that contribute to efficiencies in reducing waste costs.

As chartered waste managers, staff at Verdis can deliver a range of training options lasting from 1 hour to 1 full day. Engagement and understanding of waste management requirements applies to staff at all levels of an organisation. Whether you need help with segregation, legal obligations or waste minimisation, we can provide bespoke sessions, tailored to your needs.

As certified dangerous goods safety advisers we can provide training on packaging requirements, compatible and incompatible loads, vehicle placarding and marking and transport planning for high consequence dangerous goods loads.

All course can be modified to suit business needs and can be delivered on or off-site.

Pick n Mix’ training courses are available in one or more of the following:

Module Title Minimum Duration Maximum Duration Suitable for:
Understanding your legal responsibilities for managing waste from healthcare organisations One Hour Two Hours Healthcare
Understanding the national colour-coding system for healthcare waste One Hour Two Hours Healthcare
Legal definitions and how they apply to healthcare waste One Hour One Hour Healthcare
Understanding the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) codes One Hour Two Hour All
How do I define my waste? One Hour Three Hours All
Containment options – selection and labelling One Hour Three Hours All
Understanding the Waste Hierarchy Thirty Minutes One Hour All
Contractor selection and monitoring One Hour Two Hours All
Preparing for a regulatory audit Two Hours Four Hours All
How to carry out a waste audit Four Hours One Day All
Dangerous goods packaging and labelling requirements Two Hours Four Hours All


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